Burien- A 56 year old Burien woman was found lying in the roadway with a head injury last night and police are asking the public for their help.

On Monday around 5:30 PM police responded to a 911 call at SW152nd St near 4 Ave SW to a report of a woman lying in the roadway bleeding from the head.  Burien Police arrived and started CPR on the woman when they found she was not breathing.

Witnesses said the woman had just left a pet store in the area and was found a few minutes later lying in the roadway.  Police said no one reported hearing tires screeching or an impact but did see a van drive slowly around the woman.

Detectives said the woman may have fallen because she had an injury to the back of her head and there were no other injuries on her body that would be consistent with an impact.

Detectives are asking anyone who may have been in the area last night to call if they think they may have seen the woman.  Detectives also believe the driver of the van may be a potential witness and are asking them to come forward as well.  The van was described as a late 80’s Ford or Chevrolet, possibly gray in color, with an orange or brown stripe down the side. (Please remember that this van is NOT a suspect vehicle)

The woman remains at Harborview in critical condition.

If you have information please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206)296-3311 Reference case