Skyway-  DNA evidence led detectives to a 17 year old man who was arrested this morning in connection with a Home Invasion Robbery and Rape that occurred in the White Center area in November.

Detectives recovered DNA at the scene of the rape/robbery and entered the information into a DNA database (CODA). The DNA from the scene matched that of a known subject.

King County Sheriff’s Detectives and TAC 30 (Swat) served a warrant early this morning at the man’s residence in the 6800 block of S123rd St in the Skyway area. The man was arrested for rape and robbery and booked into the Youth Service Center.

The rape/robbery occurred on November 12th around 8:40 pm in the 10800 block of 6 Ave S.  The victims, a man and his girlfriend, were home with their 18 month old child when two armed men entered the apartment and pistol whipped the man and sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

Detectives said the second suspect is still unidentified.

The suspect’s name will be withheld pending charges.  The case has been forwarded to the prosecutor for review.