13-072743 Burg-Stolen veh
A pair of burglars were arrested near Kent Tuesday afteroon when an alert neighbor called the police after seeing the suspects loading up a truck with loot from a neighbors house.

King County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a house in the 23400 block of 172 Ave Se just after noon yesterday. When they arrived they saw a female walking out of the house, carrying a laundry basket full of clothes to a truck parked nearby. When a deputy asked to talk to the woman she said, “just a minute” and hurried back into the house.

Deputies surrounded the house and called for the suspects to exit the house. A 30 year old Buckley man and 20 year old Puyullup woman came out of the house and surrendered.

Deputies discovered that the suspects had forced open the back door to the house and had staged numerous items from the house, including a television, 2 computers, clothes and shoes, by the back door to be loaded into the truck.

Deputies also learned that the truck had been stolen out of Olympia.

The couple were arrested and booked for Investigation of Residential Burglary and Possession of Stolen Property.

A job well done by the deputies and the alert neighbor!