13-069569 Kentwood search photo

King County Sheriff’s Detectives assigned to the contract City of Covington said they have located the suspect in the hostage/bomb threat that was emailed to Kentwood High School on March 29th.

Detectives served a search warrant on a house in Kennewick around noon on Saturday with the help of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. Two computers were seized as evidence during the search.

The investigation started on March 29th after a Kentwood High School official received an email that said to “be prepared for a blood bath” and talked of a “hostage takeover” and “the bomb I have planted.”

After receiving the threat school officials voluntarily sent students home for the day while police searched the school. Nothing was found during the search but police said the threat was still taken seriously.

Detective said the suspect was arrested, interviewed and released pending charges. The suspect will not be named until charges are filed but he is said to be a 19 year old former Kentwood High School student.