Lindol Larkin Award April 8, 2013Julie Jensen Award April 8, 2013

On Monday, King County Sheriff John Urquhart presented Meritorious Service Awards to citizens who prevented a man from jumping onto I-5 from an overpass in February.

Metro Transit operator Lindol Larkin was driving his route in Shoreline when he saw the man straddling the railing of the over pass. Larkin called 911 and stopped to help.

Off duty Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputy Julie Jensen and Shoreline Resident Samual Simkoff saw the man on the railing and attempted to talk the man down.

Larkin, Jensen and Simkoff pulled the man to safety and held him until police arrived.

The Sheriff credits the trio for saving the life of the man and drivers on I-5 who could have been injured or killed had the man jumped.

(note- Simkoff not able to be present at ceremony)