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Maple Valley police officers and King County sheriff’s deputies arrested 5 teens for breaking into the Rock Creek Elementary School on Maple Valley/Black Diamond Rd early Saturday morning.

Officers received a burglary alarm at the school just before 2am on Saturday. When they arrived they discovered broken windows and the portable classrooms had been broken into.

Maple Valley officers and King County Sheriff’s deputies quickly set up a perimeter around the school. A few minutes later a deputy who was using night vision equipment, saw four suspects running towards him from the school. The suspects split up and continued running. Two of the suspects unknowingly ran towards the deputy. When they got close to the deputy he turned on his flashlite. One suspect gave up as the other ran and hid.

The deputy used his night vision equipment again and saw the other suspect hiding in the grass. That suspect was taken into custody and a third was arrested nearby a short time later.

Two other suspects were arrested the following day for their involvement in the burglary.

“This is an excellent example of the teamwork and partnerships between the Maple Valley Police Department, King County Sheriff’s Office and the Tahoma School District,” said Maple Valley Police Chief Michelle Bennett

Police said there was extensive damage to the school and they recovered cameras and emergency bags that had been stolen from the school.

The teens were arrested and released to parents pending charges being filed.