Harrington photo.

A 61 year old King County Sheriff’s Deputy, assigned to the King County Sheriff’s Office Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighter Unit (ARFF), graduated from the Fire Training Academy Saturday.

Deputy Ron Harrington, who is believed to be the oldest Fire Academy graduate, has been in law enforcement for 35 years. He started his career as a police officer in Hawaii and transferred to the King County Sheriff’s Office in 1998.

Deputy Harrington attended the 12 week, live-in, academy near North Bend which consisted of roughly 16 hour days. Harrington said the recruits would start the day at 6am every morning with physical training and end the day at 10pm.

Harrington said the younger recruits in his class were definitely superior physically but his advantage was life experience, ” I didn’t sweat the small stuff.”

Harrington said he was impressed with was the dedication of the younger recruits. “Many of these guys have been volunteer fire fighters since they were 18 or 19 years old. They put themselves through the academy with their own money to have a better chance to be hired as paid fire fighters.”

“The fire academy was a lot of work but it was worth the effort,” Harrington said. Harrington will get a few days of needed rest and will rejoin his King County Sheriff partners as a Deputy Sheriff and Fire Fighter at Boeing Field.