13-088348 Burglary

13-088348 Burg photo

Renton-An alert neighbor foiled two burglary suspects yesterday when he called police after seeing one of the suspects walk out of a neighbors house with loot.

The incident started Monday around 1130am in the 18800 block of 129 PL SE. The neighbor was in his front yard gardening when he saw a man walk up to his neighbor’s house, knock on the door and look into the windows. The neighbor knew that the homeowners were not home.

The man who knocked on the door then walked around towards the back of the house. The neighbor immediately called 911.

Within a few minutes the suspect exited the front door carrying items stolen from the house. The suspect walked down the street and then got into a black Monte Carlo.

Police arrived quickly and spotted the Monte Carlo leaving the area. A 23 year old Kent man and a 30 year old Auburn man were in the vehicle along with items stolen from the house.

Detectives and deputies returned to the house and discovered the back slider had been smashed. Both men were arrested and booked into the King County Jail.

On another note, the detective handling the case said, “Pretty good neighbor. He also caught another burglar on his street in June of last year.”

Just another good example of citizens working with police to solve crimes! (12-143662) (13-088348)