Avalanche Chair Peak

Snoqualmie Pass- The King County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit warns hikers and snowshoers, that despite the warm weather expected this weekend, there is an extremely high probability of avalanches in the Snoqualmie Pass hiking areas.

The warm weather will loosen up the top layer of snow which can create avalanches. There have been at least three major avalanches at popular hiking routes in the area over the last week. The avalanche danger has postponed the search for a man who is already missing and presumed dead from an avalanche in the area two weeks ago.

“If a person chooses to go into these high avalanche areas there is no guarantee we will be able to get to them out if they run into trouble. We have to take into consideration the danger we will put our rescuers lives in by putting them in an area with a high probability of continued avalanches,” said King County Sheriff spokesperson Sergeant Cindi West.

The areas most affected include Granite Mountain, Chair Peak, Red Mountain and the Denny Creek area. The Search and Rescue community encourage hikers to use lower elevation trails until the avalanche conditions improve.